Associa, Exploring the Unknown

June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

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Associa is America's largest homeowners association (HOA) management company. For 40 years, they’ve specialized in community management, maintenance, and real estate services. 

Objective: Local Content and Updating an Old Favourite

Associa wanted to implement branch location streams to provide clients and prospects with relevant local information and create a digital magazine to continue and scale their previous print-only magazine for homeowners.

Solution: From Metrics to Customized Streams and From Print to Digital

Associa created 56 unique marketing streams for each of their branch locations and populated them with 10 of the top-performing branch-agnostic content pieces from the previous six months. With these metrics they consulted branch leaders who customized their own local streams over about two weeks before distributing to clients and prospects.

Associa also built a new hub and developed a digital version of their magazine, Coming Home, enabling them to feature more content, and include videos and other external links. They created more brand awareness with their unique solutions.

The Results

Branch location streams

  • Now able to share more content with more people

  • Can send direct links to clients

  • Overall content scores and online reputation have improved significantly

Digital magazine (single issue)

  • Over 1,500 subscribers to the digital magazine hub (monthly articles and bi-annual magazine)

  • Nearly 22K unique visitors to the hub

  • Over 24K visitors and more than 42K page views

  • Nearly 90K CTA impressions since launching in November 2018

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