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July 19, 2019 Samantha Blackwood

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Business Talent Group helps organizations find their perfect match in the form of qualified consultants and talented independent professionals (including strategists, financial experts, project managers, and more). With over 10 years of experience, BTG is an industry leader helping companies from a wide range of industries overcome their biggest challenges.

Objective: A Truly Immersive Experience

BTG wanted to create an immersive content experience that appealed to different types of customers, provide their sales team with well-developed and trackable content streams, and showcase the range and depth of their services and thought leadership.

Solution: Aligning Design, Personalization, and Content

BTG started by conducting a content audit focused on improving engagement and providing a more personalized content experience throughout the buyer journey. They worked with the Uberflip Onboarding and OnBrand Teams to set up and customize their hub, imported content streams via RSS, implemented Smart Filters to sort content into segmented marketing streams, and ensured that their design elements were consistent and allowed users to navigate with ease.

The Results

  • Easily displayed sales materials and thought leadership for 18 different buyer segments (with relevant content and CTAs for each) as well as in specific campaigns including their 2019 High-End Independent Talent Report stream
  • Favourable results from gated content, with one piece generating several hundred conversions into new marketable contacts over the past several months
  • Positive feedback from executive team, prospects, clients, and corporate partners (citing the streamlined, browsable experience and on-brand design)
  • Hub helped reveal both strengths and gaps in content, enabling BTG to identify and address underserved segments

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