GTT, Best Account Based Marketing Program

June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz


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GTT owns a global Tier 1 internet network and provides cloud networking services. 

Objective: Organic Growth

The GTT team wanted to introduce a plan for an increase in organic growth. This meant the need to transform GTT’s marketing operations and invest in technology to support demand generation. It also meant focusing on an account-based approach, a partner for technology and strategy to turn marketing into a driver of pipeline opportunities and revenue. 

Solution: Personalized Approach

GTT chose Uberflip for their campaign as it allows leads to have control, giving them a self-guided way to enter the content experience. In order to encourage engagement, they used a ten-touch email nurture using Marketo and a retargeting campaign to give leads content that they had not engaged with previously. This allowed GTT to create a personalized user experience.

The Results 

  • Internal and digital transformations at GTT impacted revenue acceleration positively

  • Created a marketing and sales process for manually handing thousands of leads gathered from marketing campaigns using Excel and GTT’s custom CRM

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