Best Content Experience and Exploring the Unknown

September 12, 2019

Rogers Communications Inc.

To ensure a seamless content experience integrated into their existing website, as well as to provide each customer with a personalized journey. After migrating all of their content from their existing platform to Uberflip, they worked internally with their teams to create a framework for the hubs, menu, structure, tags, and site integrations. This led to a seamless content experience for customers.

The Results 

  • A seamless content experience for their customers
  • Better conversions, enhanced tracking capabilities, and robust reporting      

Autodesk Construction

Autodesk set out to reach a new market for Autodesk Construction and to scale content creation, publishing, and centralization across many distributed teams. Autodesk used Uberflip as a personalized content syndication engine. With the integration / syndication approach, they had the reliable, always-up-to-date foundation of content they needed to expand their efforts into one-to-one personalized streams.

The Results

  • Increase of 30,276 visits from February to May
  • Increase of 23,624 unique visitors from February to May
  • 45% of unique visitors generated by email, followed by 20% by-product referral
  • 87% of form submits generated by email

Congratulations Rogers Communications Inc. and Autodesk Construction! 

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