Aprimo, Best Tech Stack

July 6, 2018

Uberflip Featured Hub: resources.aprimo.com

Aprimo is a performance driven marketing operations technology and a nominee for this year’s Best Tech Stack award. The team at Aprimo were looking for a way to create a robust tech stack that allows us to get our data-backed marketing out on-time and on-budget without wasted capability overlap. Over the past year, they realized they needed a better way to get content onto their site and wanted a better way to enable the sales team. They managed to find a good fit with Uberflip and as they added technologies, they looked for their fit and integration capabilities to create a robust stack that covers all of their marketing needs. As a result, they launched a new company wide brand in less than six months and developed more than 40 technologies with numerous integrations.

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Fortinet, Best Tech Stack

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