2017 EXPY Nominees

  • Ryan Turner

    Ryan Turner

    Marketing Technology Solutions Manager | 3M Canada

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  • Christy Lukes & Jen Troyer

    Christy Lukes & Jen Troyer

    Digital Channel Manager & Senior Digital Designer | Alight Solutions

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  • Matt Davis

    Matt Davis

    Director, Content & Digital Marketing | Allocadia

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  • Altium Marketing Department

    Altium Marketing Department

    Digital Marketing Department | Altium

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  • Sandy Turcotte-Lim

    Sandy Turcotte-Lim

    Director, Advocate & Content Marketing | aPriori Technologies

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  • Wes Quintin

    Wes Quintin

    Marketing Manager | Avanti Software

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  • Lisa Kenney

    Lisa Kenney

    Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager | Blackbaud

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  • Jason Stephenson

    Jason Stephenson

    Senior Director, Demand Generation | Booker

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  • Dayna Rothman

    Dayna Rothman

    VP of Marketing and Sales Development | BrightFunnel

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  • Justin Thompson

    Justin Thompson

    Senior Product Manager, Content Enablement | CareerBuilder

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  • Kenzie Fetzer

    Kenzie Fetzer

    Digital Marketing Manager | Cloud Elements

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  • Tracy Swartzendruber

    Tracy Swartzendruber

    Senior Manager, Digital Marketing | Current, Powered by GE

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  • Grace Flack

    Grace Flack

    Senior Marketing Writer | Dude Solutions

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  • Leizyl Tumulak

    Leizyl Tumulak

    Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing Team | Equifax Canada

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  • Hillary Lupo

    Hillary Lupo

    Marketing Campaigns, Manager | Fortinet

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  • Karan Kacala

    Karan Kacala

    Demand Programs Manager | Illumina

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  • Katrina Munsell

    Katrina Munsell

    Group Manager, Content Marketing | Microsoft U.S. Central Marketing Organization

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  • Kat Robinson

    Kat Robinson

    Global Content Strategist | Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Division

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  • Anne Murphy

    Anne Murphy

    Principal Marketing Operations Specialist, Minimally Invasive Therapies Group | Medtronic

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  • Andrew Racine

    Andrew Racine

    Director, Demand Generation | MongoDB

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