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Lisa is a segmentation all-star! Her content strategy goes beyond creating and organizing content based on format or type. By segmenting her content by industry and selectively targeting her market by persona, she can build meaningful relationships with her readers and ensure her content resonates with the right person, at the right organization.

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As a Content Experience Explorer (EXPY) Award nominee, Lisa is recognized as a marketer who takes the concept of content experience from beyond buzzword, to proving its impact on revenue. By focusing on the content experience for prospects and customers, Lisa has proven to be an innovator who, with experience, talent, and skill, has advanced the practice of content marketing. Read on below to learn her own hard-won insights on how she's improving the way content is experienced.

How We’re Putting the Content Experience First

At Blackbaud, I manage for Blackbaud's Arts and Cultural Team and leverage it as one of my tools in my lead generation efforts. This resource hub allows us to provide a thought leadership and product experience for a specific vertical of nonprofits. The hub also allows us to categorize content based on persona and organization type. Prior to our hub, we were treating arts and cultural organizations like other nonprofits. The content we were generating was minimal and the messaging was always just a bit off. The hub allows us to provide a centralized place to share content that our customers and prospects actually care about.

The hub was minimally implemented back in March 2016 and I took it over in June 2016. At that time, I overhauled all the categories, correctly gated assets and implemented auto-responders through Marketo. Since then, I’ve added many new assets, streamlined the events calendar, and continue to optimize the experience every day as part of my demand generation duties.

But that's not all! At Blackbaud, we have multi-touch marketing influence reporting through Bright Funnel! I am now able to see the marketing influence of every gated asset. Because of our resource hub, Marketo and Brightfunnel, we can see ROI. And, because of this insight, I am now able to make even smarter decisions on how I organize and prioritize content—not only on my hub, but in my campaign strategy too.    

Using the Content Experience to Establish Meaningful Relationships

In the arts and cultural market, beyond our three main industry segments in reserved seating, general admissions, and cultural foundations, I can now selectively target the market even more by persona. I am able to implement a content strategy that goes beyond creating and organizing content based on format or content type. Because of Uberflip’s navigation and categorization structure, I'm able to create thoughtful streams that resonate with the right person, at the right organization.

Creating Amazing Content Experiences Along the Entire Journey

As a Demand Generation Marketing Manager, I am responsible for communicating with my business development and account reps, customer success managers, and executive leadership. Each month, I tee up what they will expect to see from marketing, including any new resources recently added to the hub. I share insights into what's popular.

Many of our resources are gated. I only provide certain infographics, tipsheets, and articles for free. Each gated asset has an “interesting moment” in Marketo, that feeds into the account / contact level in Salesforce. I try to enable my team to pay attention to these interesting moments, to have more meaningful follow-up conversations.

Future Explorations in Content Experience

At Blackbaud, I have the privilege of leveraging a very sophisticated tech stack. I am really loving interactive content via SnapApp and incorporating that experience into my campaigns. I have two currently in the works. One asks a series of questions to fundraisers in the arts and cultural industry and based on their response, we serve up one of two solutions we offer. Another one is an evaluation where we take users through a series of questions and exercises that encourages self-reflection and a self-audit of their website. Based on the responses, we can either determine if an organization may need some of our professional services. With this interactive content, I can leverage the data for a more successful sales follow-up and develop new content from my findings.

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