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As Content Experience Explorer (EXPY) Award nominees, Christy and Jen are recognized as marketers who take the concept of content experience from beyond buzzword, to proving its impact on revenue. By focusing on the content experience for prospects and customers, Christy and Jen have proven to be innovators who, with experience, talent, and skill, have advanced the practice of content marketing. Read on below to learn their own hard-won insights on how they’re improving the way content is experienced.

How We’re Putting the Content Experience First

There’s a scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Yoda is teaching Luke to use the force to lift his X-Wing Starfighter. Luke doesn’t believe he can do it and Yoda says, “You must unlearn what you have learned.” That moment right there is akin to where we were at as a team, before we got to work on our hub.

The enemy wasn't Vader, but a much more evil force that had taken over our world. Content that included 50-page white papers locked behind an impenetrable wall of forms and awful landing pages. At Alight Solutions, we got to work using the force, some whiskey and our vision to transform the way our people, company, and most importantly, our customers, consume our content.

Our content engagement is up, our audience is growing, and everybody wants more. Our hub is the cornerstone of our new brand. We didn't just settle a new frontier in content. We discovered a new galaxy full of promise and possibility and we're just getting started.

Using the Content Experience to Establish Meaningful Relationships

One of the values of our new brand is to "Be Real." So the first and most important step we've taken is to get over ourselves and admit that not everything we do has to be perfect. Not everything we do has to take three months to create and be locked in a 50-page white paper. Admitting to ourselves that very few of us actually downloads a PDF and reads it later means that our customers probably don't either. This reality means that the way we approach content creation is critical. We plan content to match our customers’ journeys. We meet them on their own terms. We get to the point on how we can help.

We've only just launched our hub, but our team is taking these values to heart. We're integrating bold images that reflect our new brand and challenging our teams to focus on getting language and the voice of our new brand just right. By focusing on our customers (and not ourselves), we're ensuring that we're creating meaningful engagement that lead to fantastic results.

Creating Amazing Content Experiences Along the Entire Journey

Our internal communications team is already working on integrating our hub content so that it permeates all aspects of our employee base. Our employee portals use the RSS feeds to highlight what's coming out of the hub. Our commercial teams are working on highlighting pieces of content that should be shared with key customers and contacts. We're working on targeted promotion and paid advertising to help promote high value content at specific milestones within a customer's journey with us. Our goal is to make everything we do accessible to everyone we touch, both inside and outside our organization.

Future Explorations in Content Experience

We really hope that AI and predictive analytics will help us surface content that our customers might be interested in, that we haven’t yet realized. We're a new brand, but not a new company. So instead of relying on intuition and research only, we're really hoping the machines can help us solve that problem, and not just beat that one guy who's awesome at chess.

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