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Uberflip Customer Success

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As a Content Experience Explorer (EXPY) Award nominee, Kat is recognized as a marketer who takes the concept of content experience from beyond buzzword, to proving its impact on revenue. By focusing on the content experience for prospects and customers, Kat has proven to be an innovator who, with experience, talent, and skill, has advanced the practice of content marketing. Read on below to learn her own hard-won insights on how she's improving the way content is experienced.

Putting the Content Experience First

Simply put: The Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise marketing team is focused on customer-centric content on a global scale.

Using the Content Experience to Establish Meaningful Relationships

The Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise marketing team sees content as an empowerment tool: to help our audience define, understand, and navigate the digital transformation their industries and organizations are undertaking. We put the customer at the center of our storytelling and aim to provide content at each stage of their journey, from initial research to purchase, and post-sale customer success.

It’s through this genuine, holistic lens—through empathetic and realistic storytelling—that we’re able to connect with our audience. We believe that we should earn our audience’s engagement through each content interaction and we do so by creating rich, connected content experiences—like through the individual hub-and-spoke model of content, creating a dedicated content destination, or experimenting with interactive content.

Creating Amazing Content Experiences Along the Entire Journey

We have invested heavily in customer journey education—both from an integrated marketing and customer buying journey lens—and use this customer-centric framework to inform the content we create, regardless of its origin in the organization. We’re able to leverage the subject matter expertise across our teams—from content marketers, product marketers, content platforms (such as Uberflip) and Marketo technologists, engineering, field and localization experts, and email nurture experts—to create a holistic, cohesive content journey that spans not only multiple stages of the customer’s experience, but also creates a rich environment filled with a variety of content formats.

It’s this investment and always-on commitment to improve the customer experience that generates the organic empowerment to continually improve how we engage our audiences with content that will be meaningful to them.   

Future Explorations in Content Experience

In the future, we're looking at interactive, dynamic content experiences, and niche podcasts.

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