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As a Content Experience Explorer (EXPY) Award nominee, Andrew is recognized as a marketer who takes the concept of content experience from beyond buzzword, to proving its impact on revenue. By focusing on the content experience for prospects and customers, Andrew has proven to be an innovator who, with experience, talent, and skill, has advanced the practice of content marketing. Read on below to learn his own hard-won insights on how he's improving the way content is experienced.

Putting the Content Experience First

At MongoDB, we’ve optimized our customer's experience to better leverage our award-winning content.

Using the Content Experience to Establish Meaningful Relationships

With Uberflilp, we now can curate our content into subjects and use cases that better match our personae as well as the particular stage of their buyer's journey.

Creating Amazing Content Experiences Along the Entire Journey

From first touch conversions to event presentations, to account-specific pages, we have leveraged Uberflip in numerous ways that were never before possible prior to the tool.

Future Explorations in Content Experience

In the future, we are exploring more video and podcasts, as well as the topic of engineering-as-marketing. 

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