Brainrider, Service Partner of the Year

July 6, 2018

Brainrider helps businesses take a holistic approach to optimizing their entire funnel with the objective of growing the recognizing revenue, and are also a nominee for this year’s Service Partner of the Year award. The team at Brainrider was looking to help business leaders improve the health of their sales and marketing pipelines by building better campaigns and websites, focusing on the right KPIs, and delivering insight for continuous improvement. Over the past year, they have been working closely with Uberflip to design and template development for Uberflip, load content and optimize existing assets, CTA planning, and lastly marketing automation platform and connectivity. As a result, Brainrider has achieved success for clients by growing visitors, prospects, MQLs, SQLs, and winning deals.

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DemandGen, Service Partner of the Year
DemandGen, Service Partner of the Year

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