PeopleReady, Best Web Experience

June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

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PeopleReady provides talent solutions in North America, connecting customers and workers. 

Objective: Higher User Engagement

PeopleReady produces useful content for users, however, they noticed low user engagement. They wanted to have a user-friendly experience, that incorporated SEO, performance metrics, and user information collection. They also wanted to create centralized resource centres to house content for each audience.  

Solution: A Balance of Creativity and Analytics, Using Uberflip

PeopleReady chose Uberflip to house their resource centres as it supported a data-driven approach to content and provided a perfect balance of creativity and analytics. Uberflip was able to help with ongoing engagement. 

The Results

  • A 9% increase in organic traffic

  • Over 250,000 new subscriptions, resulting in an increase in email engagement

  • An increased connectivity between platforms

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