Fortinet, Best Tech Stack

August 27, 2018

Uberflip Featured Hub:

Fortinet is a nominee for this year’s Best Tech Stack award. The team was looking for a way to build their Uberflip tech stack to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts through targeted experiences, consistent tracking, abundant meeting scheduling opportunities, and re-engagement through related content. Over the past year the team has integrated different solutions to create better hub engagement. After establishing a well-functioning hub, they leveraged Uberflip Bombora insights, their own Bombora surge data, as well as Uberflip AI to extend the content journey. Uberflip allows them to extend the journey by recommending relevant content, intent-based content and calls-to-action to convert. As a result, Fortinet was able to offer end-to-end tracking across all demand programs with Eloqua, SFDC, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console regardless of tactic.

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