Lisa Kenney, Marketer of the Year

August 27, 2018

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Lisa Kenney is Blackbaud’s Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager and a nominee for this year’s Marketer of the Year award. Lisa and her team were looking for a way to generate leads and ensure they were having an impact on total bookings throughout the funnel. Over the past year, Lisa has been using Blackbaud's sophisticated tech stack, to create targeted campaigns and measure performance right down to the resources and its influence opportunities and deals! She can see the buyer's journey and marketing influence pre- and post-MQL. As a result, Lisa was able to influence over $31.6 million in total bookings with marketing campaigns, resources and events in 2017. The resource hub for Blackbaud's Arts and Cultural business unit influenced over $9 million in total bookings! A 53 percent increase YOY!

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Bombora, Tech Partner of the Year

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