Best ABM Program and Best Sales and Marketing Alignment

September 12, 2019


Fortinet wanted to book meetings in key enterprise whitespace accounts that traditional marketing failed to penetrate with traditional demand generation. They also wanted to create marketing programs that connected with their tech stack, and to build an ABM program to be scaled globally. With little budget and a team with little appetite for ABM, Fortinet used their previous assets and combined them to generate high-value assets for their tech stack. They then leveraged Uberflip AI to find the right balance of personalization for their customers on a larger scale. With this, content was then grouped into themes and products and solutions, which were scalable to replicate across accounts, allowing for personalization without using too many financial or human resources. 

The Results

  • 33% conversion rate for targeted accounts to booked meetings
  • 15x better meeting conversion rate than industry benchmark for cold outreach
  • 2.8x industry benchmark for click-through on display ads
  • 122% increase in BDR email open rates
  • 44% increase in BDR email click-through rates
  • 7x increase in reply rate to BDR sequences

CollabNet VersionOne

After the merger of CollabNet and VersionOne, their team needed to join content experiences and align sales and marketing efforts within the year, merging websites, marketing tech stacks, teams and processes to create an engaging customer experience throughout the customer journey. CollabNet VersionOne rolled out a new integrated campaign framework. Leveraging Uberflip to centralize content and house their hubs, they created personalized streams for customer engagement by sales, ABM, marketing for campaigns, events, and partners. 

The Results

  • An increase in conversions on gated content, content reach, consumption, and growth in pipeline attribution from content

Congratulations Fortinet and CollabNet VersionOne! 

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