Best Web Experience and Best Marketing Campaign

September 12, 2019


McGraw-Hill wanted to do a complete overhaul of their online content experience for instructors and students at McGraw-Hill Higher Education and provide a centralized location for content for internal teams and external customers.  McGraw-Hill took a multi-pronged approach to working towards meeting their goals. In order to revitalize and relaunch their current online experience they sought out a vendor who could provide turnkey solutions, API integration, key website partnerships, and brand support to scale content needs. Uberflip was selected as the ideal partner for McGraw-Hill. A key aspect to revamping their Hub included a new design and aesthetics, auditing their current content, and creating customer segmented streams, all leading to a new customer web experience. 

The Results

  • Since launching, the team was able to publish over 70 new pieces of content
  • Improved planning of marketing campaigns
  • Positive feedback from internal and external customers

GTT Communications

GTT set out to execute (in under one year) a complex demand gen campaign that would generate new leads while also helping them stand out from their competitors. They also wanted to develop an integrated strategy for brand awareness and organic growth. With Intelligent Demand, Uberflip, and Marketo, GTT created a personalized content experience in a modern, user-guided environment boosted by marketing automation. The “Big Telco” campaign entailed a series of digital shorts and engaging content that would live in a modern, user-guided content environment.

The Results

  • Significant increase in ROI after just nine months in market
  • Overall campaign drove above-benchmark MQLs for GTT, with content engagement metrics indicating that the hub was a significant driver of prospect engagement and revenue
  • Large percentage of target accounts engaged Significant ROI on cost per closed won
  • Content performance metrics provided clear strategic direction for further content development

Congratulations McGraw-Hill and GTT Communications! 

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