Moira van den Akker, Marketer of the Year

July 6, 2018

Uberflip Featured Hub:

Moira van den Akker is Trimble’s North American Marketing & Communications Manager and a nominee for this year’s Marketer of the Year award. Moira was responsible for transitioning the marketing team from a sales support focus to a lead generating, revenue-driving department. To do so, they needed to leverage content marketing. They launched their first hub in mid-September 2017, creating one of the construction industry’s top thought leadership platforms solely dedicated to educational content for the industry. As a result, their content-driven inbound strategy has tripled direct webform product demo requests, doubling marcom influence on the business’ overall revenue. The success of their hub also gained a great deal of attention throughout the Trimble organization. The franchise is looking to adopt it as the central resource center for Trimble Buildings and other groups throughout the company are looking to mimic their success.

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