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As a Content Experience Explorer (EXPY) Award nominee, Taylor is recognized as a marketer who takes the concept of content experience from beyond buzzword, to proving its impact on revenue. By focusing on the content experience for prospects and customers, Taylor has proven to be an innovator who, with experience, talent, and skill, has advanced the practice of content marketing. Read on below to learn her own hard-won insights on how she's improving the way content is experienced.

Putting the Content Experience First

Lately, at TouchBistro, we have put a large focus on creating content that is as authentic and personal as possible. We do this not by featuring our voices, writing, and research as marketers, but by putting the voices and experiences of our customers, staff, and industry experts at the forefront. As subject matter experts, the people who have actual restaurant experience and expertise should be the ones telling the stories, sharing how-tos, giving best practices; not us as content marketers.

We use their knowledge and experiences to write the posts. We think of this more as curating ideas and crowdsourcing the knowledge for all our content, where we simply put it together in well written sentences. Writing out content on our customer's bylines or on the bylines of our staff who have managed or worked at restaurants adds a layer of credibility to our writing that was missing before, and which I think is missing from a number of our competitors' content.

Using the Content Experience to Establish Meaningful Relationships

Offering a tailored experience through content is an area of huge importance to us. We want readers to know that we are a solution that is made for their specific business and our content helps to drive that point home. We've set up Nurture Streams that send tailored content to the reader based on their venue type (i.e., food truck, bar, brewery, etc), so they receive guides, videos, and blog posts that are relevant to their unique business type. 

We've also set up separate Streams to further offer them a personal experience based on their funnel stage and where they are at in the buying cycle. For example, someone who is a top of funnel lead with no buying intent will receive our thought leadership guides and videos to get them familiar with our brand, whereas someone who has visited our pricing page or filled out a website form will be moved to our middle of funnel content nurture stream and receive content that answers the 'Why TouchBistro' question like case studies, customer videos, and competitor comparisons. 

We're also working on revamping our blog subscriber experience, to make the copy and content more conversational, less B2B, and more focused on 'the why' reason we are sending them these emails.

Creating Amazing Content Experiences Along the Entire Journey

Our business development representatives (BDR) and sales teams actively use the Uberflip Chrome Extension to share our newest and most relevant content with their leads and opportunities. We keep the sales team up to date on all our latest published content with a monthly round up email, letting them know the value of each piece and use cases for sending them.

We conducted a survey with the whole sales and BDR team a few months ago to learn how they prefer to use and send content, and we incorporated these insights into all of our communications with them. We often create content specifically based on feedback from the sales team and make sure to amplify any wins that reps have had through using content.  

Future Explorations in Content Experience

In the future, we are definitely looking at producing more video and more crowdsourced content. We are also interested in sourcing new distribution channels for our content like email signatures, influencers, and third party sites that will host our gated content.

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