CollabNet VersionOne, Best Sales and Marketing Alignment

June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

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CollabNet VersionOne specializes in software development and delivery solutions. Through their work they increase activity in ABM accounts and align marketing, sales development, and sales teams, for success.

Objective: Combined and Aligned Strategies 

After the merger of CollabNet and VersionOne, their team needed to join content experiences and align sales and marketing efforts within the year, merging websites, marketing tech stacks, teams and processes to create an engaging customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Solution: Centralized Content Hubs

CollabNet VersionOne rolled out a new integrated campaign framework. Leveraging Uberflip to centralize content and house their hubs, they created personalized streams for customer engagement by sales, ABM, marketing for campaigns, events, and partners. 

The Results

  • Better alignment between sales and marketing

  • An increase in conversions on gated content, content reach, consumption, and growth in pipeline attribution from content

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