Parexel International, Best Web Experience

June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

Uberflip Feature Hub:


Parexel provides a suite of biopharmaceutical services to help clients across the globe transform scientific discoveries into new treatments.    

Objective: Provide Most Engaging Digital Content Experience

Parexel wished to provide the most engaging digital content experience to target audiences in order to promote conversions and marketing pipeline. 

Solution: Collaboration with Uberflip Teams

Parexel collaborated with the Uberflip Customer Success and Support teams to employ two APIs that enabled embedding of selected streams. They developed a CMS interface where content editors could configure, stream, and include high-value content, which drives user engagement and conversions.

The Results

  • Improved user experience and depth of content available

  • Reduced the need for users to access multiple hubs in order to find relevant content

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