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June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

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Digital Media Solutions creates fun, informative, and data-driven articles and a wide range of solutions aimed at helping marketers maximize their businesses and achieve their marketing objectives.

Objective: A Healthy Balance of Content

DMS wanted to figure out how to find a healthy balance of light-hearted articles geared towards tracking trends and technology highlighting strategies for growth, while still consistently producing high-quality work.

Solution: Building an Internal and External Brand

DMS built an external and internal brand and solutions awareness within the industry, in order to inspire their audience through innovation and growth, and generate leads to nurture and convert into qualified leads.

The Results

Following the launch of DMS Insights 

  • Organic traffic increased by 201% from Dec. 2017 to Dec. 2018

  • Organic traffic rose another 128% from Dec. 2018 to March 2019

  • Average lead volume per month during H2 2018 (July-Dec.) was 14% higher than the lead volume from H1 2018 (Jan.-June)

  • Average lead volume per month during Q1 2019 was up 27% over H2 2018

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