Sigstr, Best Marketing Campaign

June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

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Sigstr is an email marketing platform focused on maintaining consistent brand image and optimizing ROI. Their core values include remaining authentic, putting customers’ interests first, and dreaming / believing big. 

Objective: Prove Yourself with Content

Sigstr wanted to prove through their content why they are the category leader in email signature marketing and why they deservedly serve so many amazing brands. They also aimed to inspire current customers and promote Sigstr’s advanced functionality and design services.

Solution: Inspiration from an Unlikely Publication

Inspired by Vogue and their annual publication of all things fashion and culture, the Sigstr team did the same for email signature marketing. Sigstr’s “September Issue of Email Signature Marketing” was a unique piece of content including 50 of the best banner designs (from eight categories) in the email signature scene today along with reviews from their team in lieu of “fashion critics.”

The Results

  • The September Issue led to 50 positive interactions with Sigstr’s most important customers

  • In just four days, the September Issue achieved the highest amount of views amongst all Sigstr’s ebooks and case studies

  • 50% of visitors who read the issue remained on the Resource Hub and viewed other content

  • Over 25% of the traffic has been sourced from those selected customers sharing the resource with their networks on LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Content influenced over 2.5 million dollars of annual recurring revenue and is sourced as the first touchpoint for over $80,000 in annual recurring revenue 

  • The September Issue won “Best Customer Lifecycle Campaign” at B2B Marketing Exchange’s Killer Content Awards (The Finnys) and the B2B Choice Award

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