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June 26, 2019 Laurie Piltz

Uberflip Featured Hub:

About has been a leader in digital real estate for over 20 years. A comprehensive resource for home buyers and sellers, offers property listings, tools, and information from industry experts.

Objective: Entering the World of Apps introduced a new mobile app for real estate agents in early 2019, aiming for 10,000 downloads in Q3 (January to March). They wanted to capitalize on the traffic the hub was receiving to drive app downloads.    

Solution: Driving App Downloads’s onBrand team created pop-up / overlay CTAs to drive people who click directly to the success page without requiring their email address. They created an Uberflip hub article with more info about the app and download links, and set up a pop-up CTA to drive to that page, gating every item within their public hub streams with a 20-second delay (with the ability to be dismissed). 

The Results

  • 8.42% conversion rate (from the launch of the pop-up CTAs on January 25 to March 31)

  • The page that they landed on if they clicked the CTA saw a 41.7% conversion rate on the buttons to actually download the app 

  • Product team reached their goal of 10K downloads in less than two months

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